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This September Meeting

The sponsor will be J & H Aitcheson. We will show two short video’s. One about apprenticeship training and the other about Trane’s new CAP program.

Welcome new PHCC members

Gary "Elliott" of Brock Tool ,Rotor Rooter and employee member Charlies N. Wientjes JR. of the Washington Gas Co.

"Our condolences to the Blum family on the loss of Joan’s mother from all of us at the PHCC"

At the Last Meeting

The sponsor Ross McDaniel & Waren Brown of J. H. Aitcheson had a travel coffee mug as a door prize. Our guest speaker was the Washington Gas Co. who talked about drug testing. Special guests were Gary Doorman, Al Jones, Charlies N. Wientjes JR. and PHCC zone 2 director Mike Kastner. Herb Ballard won $35.00 form the 50/50 drawing.

Save on Long Distance Calls

Join the PHCC approved long distance plan 12� Per Minute Flat Rate BTI rebates a portion of each member’s bill back to the association and the PHCC will credit a portion of your bill against your dues.

No Gimmicks, No Catches, No Surprises. 

You will receive the low flat rate of 12 cents per minute with no monthly charges for in-state or out-of-state calls, no matter when you make the call.

For more information call BTI at 1-800-954-6224


Internet News

Logon on to www.phcc.org for the latest news form the PHC industry. Read /Post messages, things for sale, trade, job openings. There is a web page full of Apprenticeship Information for the 1997-1998 year classes. And more!

Virginia PHCC board votes to allocate money in the 1997- 1998 budget for a new Web Page Server to be located in Richmond.

The (PDL) Plumbers Discussion List (Plumbers-L) is an un-moderated open discussion list for all plumbers and plumbing contractors. The List also welcomes manufacturers and suppliers to join in an atmosphere of open, non-commercial communication. Plumbers-L is intended to be a forum for free-flowing conversation and shared experiences that benefit our trade and our livelihoods. Plumbers-L will only accept mail from subscribers and, of course, it's FREE. Currently there are about 400 PHC related people on the list spread out mostly across the U.S and a few from around the World. For more information see www.plumbers.org

If you have a Fax Machine you have an email address. See www.DcMetroNet.com/Fax.htm for details.

Download the Labor Calculator V FREE trial version Preview for 30 days! www.naphcc.org/edfound3.htm Labor Calculator V provides the labor man-hours for specific jobs; it is not estimating software. Provides a line item cut and paste ability to transfer to a spreadsheet program, an adjusted worksheet format to specifically identify known project specific conditions impacting the actual project and labor man-hour units involved, the ability to adjust for local productivity, metric conversion tools, and exciting new reference tools, new sample forms in Excel for example.

Apprenticeship Awards Banquet

The apprentice’s banquet had a wonderful turnout. And thanks to "Mark Twain" a.k.a. (David Bailey) for the wonderful entertainment he provided. We thank the following for their sponsorship:



ACCA - Air Conditioning Contractors of America

J & H Aitcheson, Inc.

The Joyce Agency

Keenan - ARS

Noland Company

PBM Mechanical, Inc.

Washington Gas



Aireco Supply, Inc.

Automatic Equipment Sales

DMR Associates, Inc.

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.

Havtech Corp.

Hughes Supply, Inc.

N. H. Yates and Co., Inc.



Calvert-Jones Co., Inc.

Cresent Plumbing

Dwyer Service Corp

John Nugent & Sons, Inc.

Shapiro & Duncan, Inc.

Congratulation to the following TOP apprentices


First Year: Rogelio Silverio

Tie- Mike Jackson

Second Year: Mike Hoert

Third Year: James Bassarab

Fourth Year: Kurt Stein



First Year: James D. Moore

First Year: Rob Williams

Second Year: Lynn Bosmajian

Third Year: Matthew Edwards

Fourth Year: James Teasley


The Fairfax County apprenticeship board needs help for the Plumbing and HVAC committees.

A video has been produced by NVCC (Northern Virginia Community Collage) about apprenticeship training and will be shown at this meeting.

News from PHCC-NA

NAPHCC gets a new name, what was National Association of Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors is now "PHCC-NA" "Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors - National Association" there was a flip-flop on the NA. This was to put the words Plumbing, Heating, Cooling before the words NA to help with name recognition.

The 115th annual Convention will be on October 22-25 in Philadelphia, PA.

Quality Service Contractors (QSC) Hires Sam Baker as Director.

One of my letters "Why Belong to the PHCC?" published in this newsletter a few months ago was pickup by PHCC-NA and re-published in their June CONNECTIONS newsletter nationwide.

New Jersey PHCC Wins Unfair Practice Complaint Over Home Depot. The plumbing industry in New Jersey, has forced retail giant Home Depot to change its in-store advertising practices. Home Depot entered a guilty plea on May 6 in to charges that the store was illegally advertising plumbing services via signs offering the installation of water heaters. The retailer agreed to pay a $250 fine and promised to conduct a review to make sure all its advertising complies with New Jersey's plumbing regulations.

Board voted to pay to have the bathroom doors at the PHCC-NA offices re-hinge so they open out and not in. The reason, because not everyone washes his or her hands!

Fax On Demand System Now Available. With your Fax call 703-237-8107 and select 5 from the voice mail menu options. Request option 1 for an index of avaible documents.

"My dream came true!"

From: Maurice Maio of Maio Marketing

Dear Fellow Contractor:

I've been reading the chatter regarding Contractors 2000, ARS and my recent decision to sell my company.

There should be plenty of concern regarding the paradigm shift effecting this industry. Organizations like C-2000 will be effected but like many have said: "They will replace those members leaving with new members."

My decision to join ARS was a positive upward move for my family and I. The industry is changing before our eyes and when Wall Street comes to our businesses and offers us 2-3 times more than our businesses are worth --- well, you know the rest. My dream was to build a successful business, earn plenty of money while it was building then sell it for an incredible profit.

My dream came true.

The effect it will have on Maio Marketing will be a positive one - I turned away from other consolidators that wanted to lock up my mouth. I refused to head down that road, especially with all the personal commitments I've made to contractors throughout the years. ARS felt that by helping the industry do better, they also would succeed. The problem is not other well run companies completing with us --- it's the contractor that does not know his costs and ruins our chances to raise our rates to what they should be. ARS recognizes that by becoming profitable - the honest way –they would be able to continue to offer companies an "exit strategy."

There has been little change in my company since joining ARS expect one big one:


And no more liability, no more worries, no more hassles, no more cash flow issues. My team players (employees) responded favorably. Better medical plan, stock options and more incentives -- benefits that a small company is not able to offer.

The negative side was not being able to continue my membership with Contractors 2000. I'm not sure why they would not allow me to continue? NAPHCC, QSC, ACCA and others were happy to allow me to remain as a participating member. Jack Tester and staff at C-2000 has done an outstanding job at providing the industry a forum for contractors to learn and come together socially. I've made lots of good friends and gained lots of knowledge as a member. Maybe I could be a quest speaker???

If you have any questions regarding consolidation, why I decided to join them or anything on your mind, E-Mail me at: MauriceMai@AOL.COM or call me at 1-800-344-6246. I'm currently on a west coast seminar tour but I'll get back with you as soon as I can.

Good luck to all of you. I plan to stay in this industry for a long time

Maio Marketing is going to continue to offer it's products and services, in fact, we plan step up the production and seminar schedule. Hope to see you soon.

Maurice Maio

Vegas Nite

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Mark your calendars for November 8 Westwood Country Club. This is the same Vegas Nite that everyone had such a GREAT time at last year. Details will follow at a later date.

PHCC 4th Annual Golf Outing!

Come play Golf in the beautiful Shenandoah amongst the lovely fall foliage. September 26th in Massanutten call VAPHCC at: 1-804-644-5826 for more information.

Negotiations with Virginia Power

VAPHCC reports significant progress. A tentative agreement is expected to be brought to the Board on Sept 26th. 


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