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Directory Value Worksheet
Customer Success Goals for Directory Advertising

This is a Excel Spread Sheet from Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages that will help you track your Directory Adverting.

This Excel spread sheet DIRVALUE.XLS (280k)has a Macro attached Installation Help Line 1-800-932-4501

NOTICE: To print the tracking form, please use the File - Print option in Excel. Using the Print button on the Tracking From results in incomplete printing of the sheet. We apologize for this inconvenience.


This Excel worksheet is provided by Bell Atlantic Directory Services solely as a guide to advertisers to help them make informed advertising decisions. Since actual results will vary depending upon various factors including the specific business, the particular market, the advertising of competitive businesses, and the advertising copy selected by the advertiser, Bell Atlantic does not guarantee any specific results on advertising expense.* Source: National Yellow Pages Monitor, NYPM Ratings (tm) Report - 1996 Release & NYPM Ratings Category Report - Combined 15 Mid-Atlantic Markets (copyrighted) 1996. All Rights Reserved.

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Memapp.doc Membership application in MSWord format.

PHCC Screen Savers

These files are self-extracting zip files. They work best on a slow CPU i.e. 286,386,486.
a Pentium may be to fast for them.

Single PHCC logo jumps around screen

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Animated Mouse Pointers for Windows

Driping Faucet Mouse Poniter JC-FAUCE.ANI

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