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ARAMARK Uniform Rent/Purchase Benefit

NAPHCC have agreed on a uniform rental and purchasing program for our members. The agreements offer the membership a two-fold opportunity to reduce uniform rental costs and to purchase quality uniforms at a "members-only" discount.

The "purchase" agreement offers NAPHCC members a 25 percent discount off the Aramark products catalog (Aramark standard discount 20 percent). The "rental" agreement offers NAPHCC members a nationwide, uniform rental charge ceiling of $5.50 per man. The rental charge cannot go above $5.50 for any NAPHCC member. Also depending on the uniform market for some geographic locations, the ceiling can be set below the $5.50 mark. An additional benefit for the NAPHCC is a potential non-dues revenue stream written into the "purchase" contract. The NAPHCC would be entitled to a "royalty" based on a purchase volume system (1 percent for volume of $250K-$500K, 2 percent $550K-$750K, etc.)



The 1996 coupon book program had a smashing year. Members redeemed over 1,270 coupons for a cash value of $26,000 and a product redemption value of $25,000. The 1997 coupon booklet has been completed and contains 40% more manufacturers’ coupons.

Unfair Utility Competition...


Utility deregulation will be the hot topic for PHCC members in the 105th Congress.

Zone2 Conference in New Orleans this month.


There she will update the attendees on the latest developments from Washington on utility deregulation.

If you are unable to attend the Zone 2 Conference.


Advice for Small Businesses

The U.S. Business Advisor allows the reader to search for the desired information in a variety of ways, such as:


The Search

QSC has its Advisor, the UA has its Messenger, and the HVAC has its

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Corvette, two

For more

All state full-time, paid executives, the state presidents and presidents-elect are invited

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