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Have You Hired a Felon?
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Did you know that there are more than 200,000 fugitives in the U.S. at any given time? Want to make sure you don’t end up hiring one? PHCC has partnered with Avert, Inc. to present you with a low cost way to protect yourself in employee hiring situations.

The special PHCC package includes:

  • A "First Check" report. It helps assure that you are hiring someone with an assigned social security number;
  • A felony county criminal court report;
  • Two employment reference checks;

All for the low cost of $30 per applicant! For an additional $10, you can protect one of your largest assets with a driving record check. Last year, 41 percent of the employees Avert checked had one or more car accidents. More than 19 percent if those same employees had four or more car accidents or drunk driving convictions.

How Do You Get Started With Avert?
Call (800) 367-5933 and tell them that you are with the PHCC and you want to become an Avert customer. PHCC has negotiated a special savings rate for our members...and you will save even more if you use your PHCC MasterCard to charge your purchases. Call (800) 847-7378 to sign up for your PHCC MasterCard.

Check out Avert on the web: http://www.avert.com dead link 1-2007 or call PHCC at (800) 533-7694.

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123 Main Street
Flemington, NJ 08822

RE: unpaid balance of $

Dear Mr. :
As you are aware, you have an unpaid balance due to us of $ . We have repeatedly tried to contact you to determine what the problem is. In our last telephone conversation, Mr. N said that there was no problem with the service, and you are not having financial problems.

The fact remains that you have received services in the amount of $ , owed to us for over 3 months, and you apparently have no intention of paying.

Therefore you have reportable income in this amount for tax purposes.

If we do not receive $ by (date), we will proceed to file IRS form 1099-misc, with the Internal Revenue Service and the State of New Jersey Division of Taxation, for $. Be aware that $ of this amount will be reported for 1997, so you may need to amend your 1997 tax returns. Since we never received a signed ST-8 form for the installation of the fixtures, you are also liable for unpaid sales tax, which we will report to the State of New Jersey Division of Sales and Use Tax.

Please fill out and return the enclosed form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. Note that we can file the forms without your number, but this may 'red flag' the 1099's to the IRS. Since the 1997 form is overdue, I will have to submit an explanation with it, which will probably 'red flag' it anyway. If you have any questions, please call.


No More Permits Needed
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March 16, 1998

TO: Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical and Home Improvement Contractors

RE: Residential Limited Service and Repair Permits

Effective April 15, 1998 the Residential Limited Service and Repair Permits is amended as Follows.

  1. A permit must be obtained in advance of commencing work with the exception of an emergency repair or replacement. For an emergency repair or replacement a permit application, completed certification and permit fee must be submitted within five (5) calendar days.
  2. Ordinary Repairs – The Uniform Statewide Building Code/1996 amended the definition for ordinary repairs. Permits are not required for ordinary repairs. Following are examples:





Door and windows replacement when there are no structural alterations made or are required Door and windows replacement when structural alterations are made or are required
Hot water heaters and existing appliances when replacement with a similar capacity unit in the same location. New appliances in a new location and upgraded appliances requiring electrical, plumbing or mechanical system upgrades.
Repairing an existing air conditioner or furnace by installing replacement parts.

Replacing an electric furnace, a heat pump or air conditioning condensing unit with similar capacity unit in the same location

Installing a new air conditioning unit or a new furnace

Replacing a gas furnace, an oil furnace and a gas log assembly.

Roof Repair to a limited area Roof Replacement (i.e. new roof)
Siding Repair to a limited area Siding Replacement (i.e. new siding)
Replacing an existing electrical fixture/receptacle Installing a new electrical circuit/fixture/receptacle
Replacing existing sinks, tubs, showers, toilets with no change to the plumbing or vent pipe Installing new plumbing or altering the existing plumbing system
Painting walls and installing floor coverings Cutting away of any wall, partition or portion thereof

Long-distance phone scam
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MCI a long-distance phone company sent a bill for each and every one of the "Remote Call Forward" phone numbers we have.

These are phone numbers our plumbing company has in other town’s and city’s that are used to make the customer think that we have an office close to them.

That cities phone company forwards these numbers to our main phone number at the office.

There is NO WAY for us to make an out-going call on these phone numbers so MCI had no business sending us BILLS for a minimum monthly charge of about $5.00 each.

How many companies would notices this small $5.00 charge on their phone bills, If you have 10 "Remote" numbers that’s $50.00 a month or $600.00 a year.

The moral of the story is, watch your phone bills

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Fairfax County Dept. of Water & Sewer slow to respond to an EMERGENCY!
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Saturday January 3, 1998 I was at a house in McLean where raw sewage was backing up through the basement toilet at an astronomical rate.

Two or more inches deep of sewage in the entire basement, back door open raw sewage flowing into back yard into the rest of the neighborhood.

Had woman from the office call to report the EMERGENCY and to have them dispatch a work crew to clear the stoppage of the main sewer in the street and to send a clean up crew.

They did not believe her. So I called while onsite told them who I was and about the emergency that I had confirmed by pulling the manhole cover in the street.

The response I got was very bad "I will call someone at home and try to get

them there sometime"

I had to call a Captain at the Fire Dept. To ask them to call and express the emergency to the sewer Dept. And see if they could motivate them to get the main sewer in the street cleared TODAY.

About one hour later no repair crew, instead one guy in a pickup truck. He looks, agrees the sewer in the street in stopped-up.

He try’s to use his radio in the truck to have a repair crew dispatch, his radio would not work he had to use my phone to call.

They allowed about two hours of raw sewage to flow because they would not believe me and dispatch a work crew.

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New Address
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PHCC of Northern Virginia
P.O. Box 307
Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039-0307

Is the new Post Office Box address.

We will no longer be using the P.O. BOX in Falls Church.

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The PHCC BBS has been shut down.
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BBS’s are pretty much a thing of the past. The phcc.org domain name has been moved to our web server.

PHCC members that would like free email,

Ie, YourName@phcc.org can now get it through most any Internet service

provider/software. Call me and I will tell you how to set it up. William


www.phcc.org has been updated.

PHCC members can get their own web page for as little as $10.00 per month & onetime $25.00 setup fee.

If you know how to use FrontPage 97/98 you can setup & create your own web page. See www.DcMetroNet.com for more information.

Your web page can include a service request form (customers can place a service call 24 hours a day over the Internet from their computer to you,) and the information can be faxed, e-mailed and/or sent to your alphanumeric pager. This is a big plus for those of you that do not have Internet access yet.

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Legislative Update
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by Lorrie Jones Norton, Gundlach Plumbing and Heating Co.

Finally after months of deliberations the Virginia Coalition for Fair Competition (of which VA PHCC is a member) and Virginia Power have reached a tentative agreement.

At the Virginia Power Comfort Assured Conference, Randy Inge, Manager, Energy Efficiency Department, summed it up by saying that we are at "the one yard line with an agreement" and hopefully any day the agreements (which are following) can be memorialized and "we can cross the goal line."

On September 29, David Bailey, representing the Coalition, and Bill Thomas, representing Virginia Power, appeared before the Senate subcommittee studying utility deregulation and reported our progress.

There is also a verbal commitment by Virginia Power to go forward with the Coalition to the S.C.C. and help in having these Standards adopted. If adopted as is, these could apply to all unregulated subsidiaries of other Virginia utilities.

Virginia Power has said they will encourage other utilities to adopt these same standards. All of this is in the future, but we feel confident that the liaison formed between the Coalition and Virginia Power is a strong one.

You may ask why would Virginia Power want to do this. Randy Inge indicated at the Comfort Assured Conference that there are three reasons:

One is that "Virginia Power has no intention of getting into our business during the transition" to competition.

Two, "Virginia Power wants our support of their current alternative rate plan" on review at the S.C.C.

Three, and I would say most importantly, "Virginia Power wants you and I as contractors and our employees to promote them as the energy provider of choice."

I am personally willing to say that I stand ready to do this and will so encourage my employees.

I am looking forward to a continued stronger working relationship with Virginia Power in the coming years.

Take a look at the following agreements, I think you will be excited as I am:

Statement of Intentions by Virginia Power
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During the transition to competition, it is the Company’s intention, within its service territory, only to sell fuel oil or propane, serve as a coordinator of energy services, or provide engineering services when such activity occurs either as an incidental part of a marketing effort to provide other energy services or as a part of providing services which are traditional Virginia Power activities.

During the transition to competition, it is not the Company’s intention within the Company’s service territory:

1. to buy or maintain an inventory of HVACR equipment or household appliances,

2. to install, service or warranty any such equipment or household appliances for customers

3. to sell HVACR equipment or household appliances to customers metered and billed on residential rates,

4. to sell HVACR equipment to customers other than those metered and billed on residential rates except where such sale is an incidental part of providing other energy services or providing traditional Virginia Power activities.

Virginia PHCC congratulates Virginia Power for clarifying their corporate "intentions" and for working with us in formulating "standards of conduct" which they pledge to use when they seek permission from the State Corporation Commission to establish affiliates.

We wish to thank Ken Baker for his active involvement in our negotiations with Virginia Power. Ken is very active in ACCA and we welcome him to PHCC!

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I hope to see all PHCC members become a Pig.
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That’s right! I said "P-I-G".

"Participation & Imagination = Growth"

If we were all a little bit of a "P-I-G" now and then the PHCC would benefit greatly.

I just thought some of you would like this saying

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Newsletter PHCC of Northern Virginia
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This newsletter is getting pretty well known and I get a lot of "PRESS RELEASES" from people across the USA. These press releases always consist of a lengthy letter and sometimes a picture.

I will be more than happy to include them if I feel they are of interest to my readers.

however to assure that I use them PLEASE send them to via E-mail and not the U.S Post Office.

It is difficult for me to find the time to re-type them and scan the pictures in to be included in my newsletter.

If you E-mail the information to me, all I need to do is cut & paste and will stand a much better chance of being included in this newsletter.

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Virginia’s First PHCC Women
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The state of Virginia is the first for women leaders.

PHCC of Northern Virginia is the first of any local chapter to have a woman as president in the person of Theresa Dagenhart A.k.a. (EOU) Empress Of the Universe.

PHCC of Virginia has had the first woman president of any state chapter in the person of Laurie Crigler since 1996

Virginia’s first woman master plumber in the World is Lillian Ann (Baumbach) Jacobs at the age of 21 in 1951. (My sister)

To see pictures and read news articles from 1951 about this historic event on the Internet go to. www.Baumbach.com/History/Lillian.htm

It has been and will be a continued honor for me to serve the PHC industry with these prestige leaders and first ladies of the industry.

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